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DaveOnline GCSE ICT (OCR) marking system for schools & colleges

Free online GCSE marking system designed specifically for the OCR ICT course. Used for monitoring progress of students unit by unit, objective by objective and criteria by criteria.

Looking for an online marking system to share with students?

Sign up if you are OK with computers and are looking for an efficient way of storing / sharing marksScreenshot

Enter marks quickly

Simple tick box system, enter marks per student, per class, mark to a pass or all grades.

Students Self Assess

Students can log in and see their progress online, somehow far more exciting than reading on paper!

Students could also show their progress to their parents or even (heaven forbid!) catch up on work at home!

Show whole classe's progress

Using the 'Whiteboard' feature you can show the whole class their progress on one screen.

This is also useful to help you decide which area to look at in a lesson

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Easy as 1,2,3...

You will need to upload a list of staff and students to set-up the system, the units are already available in the system.


How we use Dave

Dave is an important part of our KS4 curriculum, students use it to find out where they are up to on the course, we use it to share student's progress with other department members as well as students (really useful as we share groups).

When it comes to coursework moderation we enter students according to their progress in Dave, even printing the summary page for each student to present to the moderator in the folder work.


When it comes to marking, we have slightly different methods but (I) think this is a good one:

  1. Students print their work, collect it from the printer and leave it on top of their PCs until the end of the lesson.
  2. I collect the work after the lesson, storing it in a portrait / landscape pile (put one in a portrait orientation, then landscape, then portrait etc. - so I can easily distinguish between students when I mark it.)
  3. When I mark the work I write short notes on the work where alteration is needed and tick the work off the Dave as I go through the pile, putting it back in portrait / landscape orientation in a pile.
  4. I collect the work in a circle around the room, meaning that when I hand it back I just walk in a circle around the room (saving lots of walking backwards and forwards).
  5. I think it adds a total of 5 mins per class marking session and genuinely think it's worth while doing.


Next time I see the class I load the whole class view onto the whiteboard so they can see where everyone in the class is up to, then they log on themselves to read the criteria they have yet to achieve.

The boss

My boss likes Dave because he can see all of the classes and can see the whiteboard view to get an idea of who is up to where and then can decide if it's time to move onto the next unit.

Other departments

PE are using Dave with their coursework and other departments are using Dave for monitoring PELTs. Science showed interest but have changed course since then.


We are looking at using it for homework monitoring with KS3 ICT classes, potentially parents can use their child's log in to see what they've completed.