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Phil LogoOnline parent's evening booking system for schools & colleges

Designed, developed and tested in school, by teachers (+ students & parents!)


Easy to set up

Just like the rest of our products, it is easy to set up, requiring only a few bits of information

Keep your bookings safe

No more looking around for that worn out folded up bit of paper, keep your bookings online

Easy print

If necessary, you can print an easy to read copy

Parents can book appointments online

Parents can log in using a unique code the school creates and book appointments online. This is optional per teacher.

At our school


We print the student & teacher bookings in the admin office on the day of the consultation and hand out the appointment sheets when they arrive. There are pages that can print all teacher / student appointments at the touch of a button - it makes quite a big print so it's worth sending it to a good printer.

Teachers can relax

Since I developed the system we are getting better attendance but more importantly it became effortless for us teachers (I'm a teacher - I love it!) - we just turn up and meet parents.

Keep it online

Some of us update the page online recording attendance of parents when we see them.


Management have another statistic to monitor, and are pleased with the number of parents attending consultations now.