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About our systems

We offer all of our systems at heavily discounted to schools and colleges. As far as we can see most systems on offer start at £100 and go onto hundreds of pounds.

All of our systems have been designed, developed and tested by teachers. We use them and find them very useful and think everyone should benefit from them.

We make the systems as cheap as possible as part of our mission to make simple administration tasks simple in schools.

Our systems can be used by anyone but are tailored to schools / colleges ranging from KS1 to KS4 (K-12), college and university.

History of OSB

We've been developing our systems for our school since 2005 when Bob was born .

Arnie & Pat followed a couple years later and in 2008 we put the systems online for everyone to use.

Initially we offered our systems for free but the financial climate forced us to charge for our systems. We decided to offer our systems really cheaply, still wanting all schools to benefit from our systems!

When we opened as OSB we offered our core systems (Bob & Ernie - which we personally don't actually use being ICT teachers!) and a couple of favourites (Dave & Larry - which we use daily in our roles at school).

The future?

Our plan is to stay cheap and encourage the use of our 'pet' (favourite!) systems. We are very proud of the fact our systems are used around the world!

Times will change but we will stay cheap.